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Which surface should I choose?

Do you need a projection surface or a writing surface?

If the answer is front projection then your choice should be WetWipe, a white matt ceramic surface developed for use with long or short throw projection, and only occasionally as a writing surface. The matt surface of the screen is non-reflective and will not create a hotspot from long throw projection. After the use of dry erase pens the surface will need to be cleaned down with a damp cloth. Check out products.

If the answer is writing then your choice should be e3 ceramic steel a high gloss dry erase surface. e3 has been developed for constant use, ideal for class rooms or busy meeting rooms. Available in various sizes e3 will cope with the daily vigours of a dry erase use. It will not scratch, mark or stain and is guaranteed for lifetime warranty.

If the answer is both then WriteScreen should be your choice. Ideal for short throw projection combined with daily use as a dry erase surface. 
WriteScreen is designed to be used with a wall mounted projector. All image ratios in various sizes are available. After using as a writing surface it is cleaned with a normal dry wipe eraser.Check out out products.

MaxiScreen is an enlarged WriteScreen surface designed to be used with a short throw interactive projector that has a separate laser module. The MaxiScreen surface provides the maximum image area for an interactive projector with the laser module mounted above.
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TK-Team WetWipe WriteScreen Whiteboard

To see how a traditional whiteboard will create a hotspot when used with front projection watch the video below.

SEE the video, Whiteboard and WetWipe.